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about island of light

Island of Light is a place where the raw beauty of nature and the modern technologies intertwine in the mesmerising creative forms. Island of Light is an international Light Art Festival placed on the beautiful granite Island of Smögen on the Swedish West Coast, with the most gorgeous surroundings.


Place where the barren nature and pink granite rocks, with still clear vestiges from the Ice Ages, meet. Since its start in 2018, Island of Light has been host to a great number of world’s leading light artists, presenting their light works nestled in this unique environment. 

Island of Light is organized by the non profit association “Smögen Art-Light Festival” under the artistic direction

of the festival founder Ms Dulce Ahlberg.

The Area

Known for its natural beauty, the island of Smögen with its pink granite rocks, natural harbours and a genuine old fishermen village constitutes a very unique environment. Combination of natural and urban settings, open skies, the Nordic sea and beautiful rock formations make fascinating backdrop for light art.  Together with the very characteristic architecture of this area of the Swedish West Coast, the island of Smögen offers a very creative, unique and inspiring scenario with distinctive quality for our Island of Light festival.

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Artwork Underworld, by Aleksandra Stratimirovic is an ongoing project created in collaboration with “Sotenäs Marine Recycling Center”


“Sotenäs Marine Recycling Center” takes care of discarded fishing gear, ghost net and ocean plastic that is gathered from the shorelines from all over Sweden. Project started in 2018, under the patronage of “Sotenäs Symbioscentrum” supported by the Sotenäs municipality, with the aim to clean sea bottom and take action on saving fragile sea life. Only in this year center has collected about 40tons of discarded materials. These collected fishing gears are disassembled and sorted for further reuse and recycling. In close collaboration with the local trawl manufacturer “FF Norden” some of the collected materials are reused when creating new trawls and new fishing innovations.

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