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Kari Kola – FIN 
Frequensis – Monumental Installation

This Art Light Installation was showed in Durham 2017. Now you can see it an totally different area. Follow the path on the west side of Smögen called ”Kleven”, and you won’t believe your eyes!

Yvette Mattern – US
The Global Rainbow – Monumental laser installation

An ongoing public artwork by Artist Yvette Mattern commissioned by Island of Light, Smögen /Sweden. The Global Rainbow has been seen in big citys all around the world since 2009, so this year it’s the 10th year anniversery. The lasers will be placed at the island Hållö, directed over Smögen. This will be something beyond imagination!

Daniel Canogar – ESP/US
Asalto – Monumental Projection

The art work Asalto by Daniel Canogar will be projected on the Water Tower of Smögen – For the first time in 360°! Local people will find themselves climbing and crawling up to the top of Smögen.

Lena Mattsson – SWE
Perception of time and space – Monumental audiovisual projection in 3 parts.
Music: Conny C-A Malmqvist

The area Vallevik is located at the west part of Smögen. A place containing granite rocks, the ocean and the sky. Add three audiovisual projections and you’ll get stunned!

Aleksandra Stratimirovic – SER/SWE
Underworld – Monumental Installation.
Music: Leonel Kaplan

”Underworld” is a spatial installation in form of luminous forms depicting an imaginary undersea settlement. The project emerged from the aim to put attention onto sensitive sea life and its fragile environment. Concept takes inspiration from the Smögens costal area and it’s specific marine environment. This project is result of the successful and inspiring collaboration with local initiative “Sotenäs Marine Recycling Center”. Originally composed soundscape combines sound of sea-life with urban life character giving deeper and life-sparkling dimension to the artwork.

Svärmorstunga – SWE
Boreal – Monumental Audiovisual 3D mapping Projection

If you were at Island of Light 2018 you’ll remember the fantastic audiovisual 3d-projection at Vallevik! Now they’re back with a new piece of audiovisual art, but this time at the peninsula Sandö. You don’t want to miss that!

Pascal Kulcsar – GER
Flashlines – Interactive Projection at two spots

Be involved in an interactive facade projection with stunning effects.

So cool, do not miss it!

Cecilia Ömalm – SWE
Temple – Installation

In her artistic work, Cecilia Ömalm often relies on places, rooms and permits.

She is perhaps best known for her digital collage – often huge, detailed black and white images where the viewer is invited to peek into mysterious rooms.

Cooper & Gorfer – AUS/US
Excerpts from the Volumes – Monumental Projection

The artist duo are known for their distinct hybrid portraits. Their photo-based collages are anchored in an anthropological research of people, place and the genius loci. These images will now be shown, projected in the Smögen harbour.

Mikael Richter – SWE
Ljushus and Gloriebänkar – 2  art light installations

Mikael Richter wants his art to surprise, puzzle, comment, make visible and ask questions. The simple basic elements should create changing patterns as you move around the artwork.

Heather Keith – CAN/SWE

Hidden heart – Installation

Heather was part of Island of Light 2018 with several magical pices of art, based on recycled fishing equipment. This year you’ll find her installation at Smögen Light Walk Sandö.

Wilhelm – SWE
The festival Soundtrack.

Johan Lager aka Wilhelm: ”The foundation of my music is simple melodies, soaked in guitars and textures of sounds, electronic loops and drums – creating my own personal world of sound”.

Gallery 2019

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