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Island of Light-19.jpg
Paul Friedlander / England
Light Waves

“Spinning Light Waves” dance in ever changing evanescent colour, weaving galaxies out of light filaments. Paul Friedlander returns to Smögen with a group of mesmerising kinetic light sculptures.

Island of Light-22.jpg
Matej Bizovičar / Slovenia

Content-wise the “Refufish” (org. title “Ribogunci”) project echoes the contemporary refugee crisis, while the artist has used a colourful flock of fish to symbolize the refugees, fish that with their freedom of movement across the world seas represent just the opposite.

Island of Light-16.jpg
Lena Mattsson / Sweden
Unexpected Visit

Lena Mattsson projects life's wobbly metaphorical ladder onto a granite wall on Smögen-bryggan. Newly composed music by Conny C-A Malmqvist, Sweden.

Island of Light-35.jpg
Lena Mattsson / Sweden
Escape the nightmare 

Four monumental site-specific synchronized video-mapped projections on a boathouse. The work is viewed from all sides of the house and illuminates issues surrounding the constant cycle of life and death. Newly composed music by Conny C-A Malmqvist, Sweden.

Island of Light-01.jpg
Rune Guneriussen / Norway
Fractions of Collateral Damage

The intimacy we once had to nature is undoubtedly endangered. This includes our knowledge about nature, and how we can harvest from it. This knowledge that has been accumulated through the whole of human development through involvement with nature is now close to eradication. How can we find our way back to this life of necessary intimacy?

Island of Light-44.jpg
Teresa Mar / Austria

A Huge Rock at the bay of the Ocean - Water and Stone. Minerals and Water - forming the sediments that sculptured our world. Light - The invisible element - Which is the (Eternal) Source - The Spark of Life. “Eternitas” will underlie the interplay between the Rock - The Ocean - The Air - The Earth and us.

Island of Light-27.jpg
Aleksandra Stratimirović / Sweden
Underworld II

“Underworld” is a spatial installation in the form of luminous forms depicting an imaginary tiny undersea settlement. The project aims to put attention onto sensitive sea life and its fragile environment. Forms are made using the disposed fishing materials collected from the sea bottom. 


Captura de Pantalla 2022-12-05 a la(s) 17.20.03.png
Catrin Edvardsen / Sweden

Dance production “Reflektion”, is about life´s Yin & Yang and the reflection with insights. It is an installation that consists of a dance film that takes place by, in and out of water.  The film is projected on Kleven rock, with a live dance performance in front; In collaboration with Dans Poolen and the participation of students from Sinclair Dans School, students from Culture Schools from Sotenäs and from Culture & Music School from Vänersborg. Mikael Wåhleman has produced the film.

Island of Light-33.jpg
Students from the Audiovisual Program Dalarna University / Sweden

“Metaf(or)iskt” gives the fish a chance to see what it can catch right in the center of the fishing village. The shark takes a moment and tries its luck with a fishing rod!

Students from the Audiovisual Program Dalarna University / Sweden

“Metamorfos" reflects on the dynamic between the moment and eternity. Both grand and minimalistic, this work offers a quiet moment for the mind’'s own interpretative power.

Island of Light-32.jpg
Pako.nao / Serbia 
What do you see whit your eyes closed?

For the young Serbian Pako.nao duo this is unique collaboration with 220 School Children from Smögen's and Kungshamn's Primary Schools, (age 6-12). To create animated projection inspired by the sea life. Main characters in this playful story are fantasy sea creatures invented by children, with the special touch and life sparkles animated by Hana and Nebojša.

Wilhelm – SWE
The festival Soundtrack.

Johan Lager aka Wilhelm: ”The foundation of my music is simple melodies, soaked in guitars and textures of sounds, electronic loops and drums – creating my own personal world of sound”.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-12-05 a la(s) 17.19.03.png
Stefan Quinth / Sweden
Karin and Sixten - Smögen, Life and the Sea.

The film is a story about the sea and fishing, and about people on the island of Smögen in Bohuslän. On Smögen, the bedrock has been ground and shaped round by the constant movement of the water. In the same way, the people on the island have been shaped to survive in one of the most unlikely places to live in Sweden. Stefan is the project manager for the film about Sixten and Karin, which was produced together with seven other filmmakers. They are LaVonne Quinth, Claes Andrén, Sarita Eliasson, Mathilda Segedahl, Svante Lysén as well as Bernhard Pausett and Elisabeth Rosvold.

Bohuskust bild.jpg
Svante Lysén / Sweden

“Bohuskust - A moody paradise". The soul of Bohus Coast and it´s nature through the eyes and experiences of a Kayake

Gallery 2022

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